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BrightstarDB 1.7.0

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Released: Aug 9, 2014
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Release Notes

BrightstarDB 1.7 Release

  • BREAKING: BrightstarDB no longer supports Windows Phone 7 development. Due to changes in the libraries that we use there is now only a Portable Class Library build available which targets .NET 4.5, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, Windows Store apps and Android. iOS support is in the pipeline.
  • NEW: EXPERIMENTAL support has been added for using DotNetRDFs virtual nodes query facility. This feature can improve query performance by reducing the number of times that RDF resource values need to be looked up. There are still some bugs left to be ironed out in this feature so it should not be used in production. To enable this feature set BrightstarDB.Configuration.EnableVirtualizedQueries to true.
  • NEW: Added support for non-existence preconditions on transactional updates. This precondition fails if one or more of the specified triples already exists in the store prior to executing the update.
  • NEW: Added support for generated and composite keys for entities. This includes a new type-based unique constraint check for entities with generated or composite keys.
  • NEW: RDF/XML is now supported as an export format.
  • NEW: It is now possible to retrieve an IEntitySet from the Entity Framework context using the EntitySet<T>() method on the context object. Thanks to NZ_Dig for the contribution.
  • FIX: Fixed the way that the BrightstarDB Entity Framework handles the case where the same RDF property has a domain or range of multiple classes. The collections provided by Entity Framework now filter to exclude resources which are not of the expected type rather than trying to coerce the resources into the expected type. This leads to more consistent OO behaviour. Thanks to NZ_Dig for the bug report.
  • FIX: Added guard statements to PCL implementation of ConcurrentQueue<T> to avoid InvalidOperationExceptions being raised and then immediately handled in the case of an empty queue being accessed.
  • FIX: Major overhaul of the BinaryFilePageStore (the basis of the rewrite store type). This fixes a number of issues found under the PCL build and also introduces support for background writing of page updates to improve update performance. Thanks to CyborgDE for the bug report.
  • FIX: Replaced polling loop with proper synchronized handling of job status changes in the embedded store implementation. Thanks to CyborgDE for the fix.
  • FIX: A number of fixes to the JS used in the browser interface to the BrightstarDB server.
  • FIX: Reinstated logging for the BrightstarDB service.
  • FIX: Removed dependency on external System.Threading.Tasks DLL
  • NEW: Jobs are now given a default name if one is not specified when they are created.

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